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Fabrics v/s Artificial Leather

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The humane quality of artificial (or faux) leather cannot be stressed more. No animals are harmed in its production. This makes it the perfect material of choice for those of us who would like the look and feel of leather to their boots, garments, or couches, but would rather not harm an animal in the process.

But there are others who might say that artificial leather isn’t the best material when considering other factors. Allow us to bust some myths & conventions that influence customers when deciding between artificial leather and fabrics.


Myth: “Fabrics” are natural cotton fabrics 

Fact: Almost every “Fabric” you see in an upholstery or a fabric store is a Polyester fabric.

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This means that they are not any more real than artificial leather. A simple way to know about the polyester content in the fabric is to see the attached content tag. The content tag is mandatory by law and will be attached to every fabric.


Myth: Artificial leather gets unbearably hot.

Fact: Artificial leather does not heat up any more than other thick fabrics.


kcf img 1

Also, because artificial leather is not porous, it cannot absorb the sweat produced by the body. It could be this fact that may have given rise to this misconception. In fact, we could say that because of this non-porous nature, artificial leather does not carry a foul smell like fabric does after prolonged usage. The fabric stinks because it absorbs sweat from the human body.


Myth: Artificial leather is notoriously difficult to clean.

Fact: Artificial leather is really easy to clean!

img5     img6

All you need is some mild soap and a damp cloth, et voila! You have a clean surface! You need not use any special or harsh chemicals to clean it.


Myth: Artificial leather is not good for your skin.

Fact: Artificial leather is perfectly good for your skin & for your body.

Like everything in our environment, some people may be allergic to certain substances. This could include artificial leather as well. But that is purely dependent on a person’s personal immunity and bodily tendencies. As such, artificial leather isn’t high on the list of known allergens. You are more likely to be allergic to peanuts than artificial leather!


So next time you are contemplating changing your home decor, do give artificial leather in thought. You get the premium look & feel of real leather along with the comfort of a fabric, at a price that is lesser than both. Do also share this with a friend who is planning to redo their home.


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