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Bean Bags Care

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Bean Bags are a fun piece of furniture that can add a playful touch to any room. Apart from being supremely comfortable to sit on, they also bring a ‘coolness’ factor to the room. If you are not traveling in these summer holidays, your kids & their friends are most likely to be at home all the time! You don’t want them to mess up the most comfortable cushion in your home, do you?


To make sure your bean bag lasts long, keep them AWAY from:


1. Away from jumping kids!

Beanbags are sturdy, but can burst under excess pressure. With the advent of summer vacations, your kids & their friends are likely to be spending a lot of time at home. So make sure you keep an eye on them for jumping on Bean Bags!

Bean bags away from Jumping kids

2. Away from liquids & foods!

Keep your bean bag away from liquids, avoid spilling food on it, and please don’t smoke when sitting on your favorite bean bag.  You wouldn’t want it riddled with holes, would you? Clean the bean bag regularly with a moist cloth.

Bean Bags away from food

3. Away from heat!

Artificial leather and beans inside the bag are inflammable. So it would be wise to keep bean bags away from any sources of high heat altogether. Also, keep your beanbag hidden from direct sunlight, as it can affect the elasticity of the leatherette used to make the fabric of the bag.

bean bags away from heat

4.Away from sharp objects!

Avoid spilling of the beans inside your bean bag by making sure the zippers and Velcro fastenings are secure at all times. Keep your bean bag away from sharp objects in order to avoid spilled beans. Remember beans can be a choking hazard to children!

bean bags away from sharp objects

Simple, ain’t it? Just keep the bean bags AWAY from these things and continue to relax on your favorite piece of furniture.





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