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What exactly is Artificial Leather?

Leather has always been associated with class, sophistication, and style.

But the inhumane slaughter of animals involved in the production of leather, apart from its tendency to be quite expensive, may be a major deterrent for many who would have otherwise loved to pick this as their material of choice.

But what if it were possible to achieve the same look and feel of leather without supporting the unethical practices involved in its production?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to lounge on a beautiful sofa without feeling guilty about where the upholstery came from? Well, as they say, where there’s will, there’s way.

For those of us who are looking for a more humane and ethical alternative to animal leather, artificial leather is the obvious choice! Right from the late 19th century, many different approaches have been used to mimic the look and feel of animal leather using fabrics made of plant fibre or other materials. These days, artificial leather is manufactured from PVC, synthetic fabrics coated in a porous layer of plastic, and koskin. The most common of these is leatherette (made from natural or synthetic fabrics coated with a soft layer of PVC). Leatherette is a material of choice for various uses ranging from upholstery, making laptop carry cases, smartphone cases, and clothing, among others.

Artificial leather has been hailed as a “vegan alternative” to animal leather as it does not involve the brutal slaughter and skinning of animals.

It is also cost-effective, being cheaper than real leather. Today, artificial leather is a material of preference for those looking for a cheaper alternative to real leather goods. Its fans include teens looking for tough-looking but affordable combat boots and biker jackets to housewives looking to upholster their living room furniture in a material that can be easily cleaned.

As is evident from its wide popularity, artificial leather substitutes are the new humane and ethical way to look cool and feel good!